What Motivates Smt. Nita Ambani?

A lot has been said about Nita Ambani over the years. Zealous dancer, astute entrepreneur, one half of the whole that oversees the operations of a behemoth. The name itself connotes power and resonates with many things, whether it be her contributions in philanthropy, sports, education, health care, Indian art amongst many things or her achievements, which she prefers not to focus over. Her success in every minor/major role that she undertook, whether as the face of one of the largest non-profit organizations in India (Reliance Foundation) or a pioneer of youth sports or even as a non-executive for Reliance Industries Ltd., is a genuine inspiration and makes her the poster girl for what women are truly capable of doing when their passions are aligned with their purpose.

What drives her to such great lengths? Nita Ambani says-

“The belief that we have the power and responsibility to make a better tomorrow. Mukesh and I believe that this is India’s century and we are single-mindedly driven to make this a reality in our lifetime. Through our own actions, this is what we try to impart to our children—to make a positive difference to mankind through their thoughts and actions.”

It’s clear that what really matters to her is not just fame and money, but the welfare of the less fortunate, as she has proved time and again. She constantly thinks about the future and well-being of our country and children. Reliance Foundation has always prioritized women and children in their programs. And she has always maintained that is the way it would continue.

Founding of Dhirubhai Ambani International School-

Another initiative she has taken to better impact the lives of children is by founding Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS). Her thoughts behind this were-

“I wanted a school with international standards but at the same time one that draws on and celebrates Indian values and culture. A school where gaining knowledge is a joyful experience and teaching is a pleasure. A school where children, teachers and staff, and parents are happy. A school that inspires children to excel academically and facilitates their holistic development. And most importantly, a school that instills in them sound values and teaches them to be compassionate and kind. A school that prepares them to face the world confidently and contribute to it in meaningful ways.”

As we have seen so far, her main interests lie in improving the lives of women and children all over the country. She strives to provide them the necessary opportunities to help them build a better future. Sports is a huge part of that.

What we now know is that she herself has a passion about sports-

“My journey and interest in sports began in 2008 with the Indian Premier League cricket team, Mumbai Indians (MI). I remember taking on the responsibility of the team at the end of Season 2, when it wasn’t doing too well. I started by learning the nitty-gritties of the game from the best in the business—our MI team.

I’m so glad that our efforts paid off with MI winning the IPL trophy thrice and the Champions League trophy twice. The IPL win this year is even more special to me as it was under my son Akash’s leadership. Today, there are few thrills that match the joy I feel when I enter a stadium full of fans cheering for their favourite team, be it MI in Wankhede or any of our Indian Super League teams.”

We can see how much this matters to her. She has been a charitable person for as long as we can remember and she has proved it time and again. Few people are as graceful or even as charitable as Nita Mukesh Ambani.

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