NBA Program of Nita Ambani led RF Will Engage With 4.5 Million People

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has announced on Thursday that Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation’s Junior NBA program will return in 2018. The fifth edition of this program will be the largest as compared to the previous ones. The objective of this program is to promote and develop basketball among youth across the nation and create a positive impact on Indian girls and boys who are interested in sports.

About the Jr. NBA program

This is the fifth year of the program and it is expected that it is going to engage with more than 4.5 million girls and boys and 4,500 coaches and physical training instructors from 34 cities within the country.

The program is focusing on inspiring youth to get an active and healthy lifestyle through sports. It has integrated basketball into the sports curriculum of 4,500 schools participating in the program.

Yannick Colaco, the Managing Director and Vice President of NBA India said that the Jr. NBA program is focused on the growth of basketball among young Indian girls and boys. This program is free for all participants and it also includes a skill competition for individuals, which is a time-based challenge that will have passing and shooting, dribbling, and 5 on 5 competitions.

The performers who top the in-school skill competition will then be qualified to attend the citywide skill challenge and these finalists will compete for the 2018 City Finals.

This program aims to teach the fundamental skills and the core values of basketball at the grassroots level. These efforts are for the growth and improvement of the basketball experience among young players, coaches, and parents.

Nita Ambani attends Jr. NBA program in Mumbai
Nita Ambani attends Jr. NBA program in Mumbai

Reliance Foundation’s contribution to the program

Reliance Foundation plays the role of a catalyst for the development of the nation. Through its sustainable and innovative solutions, it is focusing on the areas of education, sports, health, rural transformation, urban renewal, protection of Indian art, heritage, and culture, and more.

The Junior NBA program is in line with the foundation’s goal of helping the overall development of children through sports. As per a Reliance Foundation spokesperson, the entire organization is thrilled to partner with the NBA as this will help in increasing the presence of basketball in more cities in India.

The Managing Director and Vice President of NBA India said that with its commitment to holistic development via sport, Reliance Foundation has played a huge part in the NBA program by teaching the game values along with respect, teamwork, and leadership.

Jr. NBA program

The NBA program of Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation has reached more than six million youth and has also trained over 5,000 physical training instructors nationwide, since its launch in 2013.

About NBA

The NBA is a media and global sports business that is built around three important and professional sports leagues. These are the Women’s National Basketball Association, the National Basketball Association, and the NBA G League. This league has a major international presence with programming and games in 50 languages and 215 countries.

11 thoughts on “NBA Program of Nita Ambani led RF Will Engage With 4.5 Million People

  1. This is exciting news for the future of basketball in India. Need more such programs like this. Hope that Reliance Foundation does more for the sport and Nita Ambani helps further its popularity.

  2. Big fan of NBA here. Feels great to know that there are efforts being taken to further the sport here in this country. Appreciate the work done by Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation. Hope we can get a major league going soon.

  3. What a brilliant initiative this is by Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation. This is surely going to help students all over trying to take up sports. Basketball is awesome, better than cricket!

  4. We should be starting more initiatives like these for the kids out there. Vital that sports and education go hand in hand for children. Nita Ambani has really done a lot for sports in this country.

  5. Basketball is a well known sport and more we encourage students here to take it, better it would be. Can’t just focus on cricket, lousy sport. Great that Nita Ambani is providing opportunities like this for the growth of the sport.

  6. Basketball will one day be as famous as football, it just will be. This initiative by Nita Ambani is the first step toward it. Educating children about different sports is a must.

  7. There are very few people who like basketball and, I am one of them. I appreciate when people show their special interest in sports that is not famous. And I hope somehow this program led by Nita Ambani would help me.

  8. I love to play basketball. But after my schooling I don’t remember anyone even talking about this sport. Such a big sport had left with no importance. Its great full of Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation to take up this sport. Awaiting for the young kids of our country to shine.

  9. Nita Ambani is really working hard for sports. I think everyone in the country should support and join this initiative. This is going to be a very good way to also build up carrier. Great efforts.

  10. My child is a huge basketball fan and, I have been searching for good coaching classes since long. While doing so, I realized that our country is not enthusiast about basketball. Later, got to know about Nita Ambani’s initiative for this sport. I am sure that this will aid in the enhancement of basketball in India.

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