Nita Ambani’s Aim to Achieve Gender Equality in India

A woman with several achievements to her credit, Nita Ambani is an inspiration for many. Under her leadership, Reliance Foundation’s (RF) social initiatives have helped millions across India to transform their dreams into reality. As Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani is actively involved in several social causes that span across various fields like rural development, healthcare, education, and sports.

Rural Development

Nita Ambani’s aim to transform rural India led her to initiate the Bharat India Jodo (BIJ) program. It is a way of reaching out to marginal farmers and helping them become independent. Additionally, the program also includes information services that have been devised to give villages and marginal farmers the access to modern technology. So far, BIJ’s program has managed to equip around 1,400 villages with these facilities, thereby helping them employ sustainable methods to improve their livelihood.

Nita Ambani’s Interest in Sports

Nita Ambani considers sports as way of uniting people and developing leaders across, which is why her interest in the same has only increased with time. After playing mentor to IPL team, Mumbai Indians, Nita Ambani went on to initiate the Indian Super League (ISL), which aims to develop football as a sport in India. Considering her aim to transform India into a multi-sport nation, Nita Ambani’s nomination as a member of the International Olympic Committee comes as no surprise.

Educational Initiatives

Reliance Foundation has also backed several projects that were directed towards education, its main goal being to prepare young children for a better future. To further this goal, the foundation even initiated the Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Program. The initiative has so far succeeded in granting scholarships to several deserving students across different states in India. In addition to this, the foundation also went a step ahead by publishing the first Indian Braille newspaper for visually challenged individuals under RF’s Drishti program. Reliance Foundation Drishti which provides free treatment to visually challenged individuals is responsible for over 14,500 corneal transplants till date.

Apart from these activities, the foundation has been actively involved in relief programs to rehabilitate and reach out to disaster-struck regions. So far, the RF team has carried out relief operations in Chennai (2015), Uttarakhand (2014), and Marathwada.

Nita Ambani’s Aim to Empower Women

Keeping up with her philanthropic work, Nita Ambani has now taken up the cause of gender quality. Her views on the subject have been appreciated at the Women in the World India Summit, 2015, where she stated that lending support to women should be considered a moral responsibility instead of corporate social responsibility or philanthropy. She further added that for India to truly transform into a developed nation, its women deserved equal rights and opportunities. Nita Ambani emphasized that if women were not empowered, it would not only promote injustice but also hinder the growth of the country.

Nita Ambani concluded by drawing references to powerful women from Indian history like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, and Jhansi ki Rani, all of them having left an indelible impact on India. She believes that if women are given the opportunities that they deserve, they could transform society and contribute to its greater good.

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