Nita Ambani – The Face behind Reliance Foundation Drishti

Nita Ambani, the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation (RF), is the woman behind the success of the Drishti program. She has a lot of compassion for the visually-impaired and works to enlighten their lives.

About Drishti

Drishti is a well-known initiative by Reliance Foundation in association with the National Association for the Blind (NAB). It is dedicated to the upliftment of visually-impaired individuals. The program offers free treatment for the blind and helps them improve the quality of their lives.

Since its inception, Reliance Foundation Drishti has brightened up the lives of 15,000 visually-impaired people across 16 cities in India by completely financing their corneal transplant surgeries. This has made the project the largest corneal grafting surgery initiative by any single corporation in India.

Nita Ambani’s role in Reliance Foundation Drishti

Nita Ambani is committed to the cause of giving visually-challenged individuals the gift of sight through the Drishti program. She says that the cause is really close to her heart. It is her aim to make all the necessary facilities and resources available to the visually-impaired and help them in their complete growth and development through this initiative. She considers it her responsibility to fight the obstacles faced by them and empower their lives.

Mrs. Ambani has registered herself as an organ donor. She understands the importance of sight in a person’s life. Thus, she has decided to donate her eyes after death. She also encourages others to pledge for the same.

Nita Ambani - The Face behind Reliance Foundation Drishti

The Founder of Reliance Foundation is completely committed to enlightening the lives of the blind. She is keen to spread awareness on the importance of eye donation. Her vision of an India where Braille is not required is soon becoming a reality through the Drishti program. She believes that this goal is attainable since the population of visually-impaired individuals in India is lesser as compared to the rest of the people with healthy eyesight. Therefore, she vigorously promotes eye donation to encourage people to reach out and help the ones in need.

India’s largest Braille newspaper

The Reliance Drishti newspaper is the largest Braille newspaper in India. It has opened a new window to the world.

It is a common custom in India to start the day with the newspaper. Nita Ambani realized that the visually-impaired are deprived of this basic necessity. Therefore, she appointed a dedicated team, set a deadline, and guided the members in starting the largest Braille newspaper in the country.

Under the Drishti program, Mrs. Ambani launched the Braille newspaper in 2012 with an aim to benefit 20,000 visually-impaired individuals. She introduced the first edition of the Reliance Drishti newspaper at the Kamla Mehta School in Mumbai.

The newspaper is published in Hindi and is circulated fortnightly in 18 countries and 325 institutions in India free of cost. It comes on the first and third Monday of every month. Swagat Thorat is the Chief Editor of the newspaper. He has earlier been an editor of a Marathi Braille newspaper.

Nita Ambani believes that the newspaper enables the visually-impaired to enjoy their basic right of access to information. The newspaper helps them stay updated with the contemporary news of the world. She revealed that through the newspaper, the foundation aims to add value to the lives of blind people.

She said that today’s world is fast moving and this makes access to information essential. Reliance Drishti, she stated, is a modest step that helps in empowering visually-impaired individuals. There are many more initiatives that the Foundation will be taking under the leadership of Nita Ambani to improve the lives of people across India.

Apart from the newspaper, Reliance Foundation Drishti also launched a Braille calendar in Hindi. It was released in 2013 on World Braille Day, which is celebrated on the 4th of January. Some other initiatives by the Drishti program include Drishti Art Competition and Drishti Essay Competition held at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School. They are aimed at spreading awareness about eye donation. For the first time, these competitions were opened to visually-impaired individuals last year. Nita Ambani wishes to spread the Drishti program to every corner of India through such initiatives.

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