Nita Ambani’s Foundation Provides Disaster Relief to the Inundated District of Amreli

Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation (RF) becomes more active as soon as the monsoon season enters southern India by end of May. As floods and drenches are experienced all over the country with the local municipal corporations only interested in damage control post the events, it is organizations such as RF that employ volunteers to help the hapless in times of crisis. One such example of great disaster relief work was seen by RF volunteers in the district of Amreli in Gujarat where a 9-hour long continuous rainfall caused a havoc.

Reliance Foundation’s Relief Operations

The district of Amreli got an unprecedented rainfall of 650 mm causing the Shetrunji River to overflow and inundate the adjoining two villages. Since the volunteers of Reliance Foundation were already working in the nearby villages of Jasdan, they could reach the spot quickly and help the inhabitants with the rescue operation. In addition to the destruction of cattle, the floods also affected several households in the district. Nita Ambani, who heads such operations by Reliance Foundation, noted that it was because of Gujarat’s proactiveness and proper planning that helped the volunteers minimize the damage. Otherwise, it would have turned into an epidemic.

Electricity was soon restored in the district, with paramedics and doctors rushing to the spot to provide assistance to the affected. According to an RF report, the volunteers helped over 5000 families in about 73 villages in the affected area, by providing food materials and drinkable water. Household and food kits were also distributed to all the affected households so that they could survive in the days that would take to bring the district back on its feet. The team closed their operations after securing total control of the situation, which took less than two weeks.

Nita Ambani - Reliance Foundation
Nita Ambani at a Reliance Foundation event

As per reports, the RF team reached the spot in the fourth day of the floods, which helped the villages minimize the total damage. Nita Ambani had secured permission from the local district administration before coordinating with her team and the locals for the relief operations.

All Thanks to Nita Ambani for Her Support

MLA Mr. Bavku Bhai Udad was vocal about the efforts carried out by Reliance Foundation, and later thanked the founder of RF for her unhindered support in matters of disaster relief and rural development. He also thanked Mrs. Nita Ambani for all the activities related to Mission Rahat, especially the one where she helped the villages of Marathwada during their water crisis. With this activity, Reliance Foundation has again proven itself as an organization that exists for the people.

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