Nita Ambani Honored by The Met in Appreciation of Her Philanthropic Work

Reliance Foundation’s (RF) Founder and Chairperson, Nita Ambani has been in the news for her commendable social work, which spans across fields like education, rural development, and sports. Her philanthropic work was recently acknowledged by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), New York. This achievement makes her the first South Asian person to be honored by the prestigious museum.

The Met is regarded among the most established and iconic museums globally. It has its presence across three vibrant sites in New York – The Met Breuer, The Met Fifth Avenue, and The Met Cloisters. The renowned museum is home to an art collection of over 5,000 years. These pieces of art hold a place of importance since they have been sourced from different parts of the world.

Recognized for her social work

What instantly caught The Met’s attention was the extensive work done by Nita Ambani through Reliance Foundation. Not only the diversity but also the extent to which her philanthropy has touched several lives has been impressive. All along, she has directed the activities of RF in a way that individuals across all walks of life get the chance to hone their abilities and be empowered. The foundation has constantly helped people to employ sustainable methods so as to earn a livelihood through independent means. RF has been intensively engaged in healthcare, women empowerment, and grassroots sports programs. Additionally, Nita Ambani’s foundation has made special efforts to revive India’s traditional art styles by offering rural artisans a platform to showcase their talent.  RF has been a pillar of support for several Indian art forms and also aims to get them globally recognized.  So far, RF has managed to reach out to more than 10 million Indians, with its services extending to people in around 10,500 villages and urban areas.

Nita Ambani on receiving the honor

On receiving the honor, Nita Ambani expressed her delight stating that it is gratifying to witness several individuals benefitting from RF’s work through rural transformation, education, sports, and even healthcare programs. Nita Ambani considered the recognition received from a renowned institution like The Met to be a tribute to RF’s goal of achieving sustainable development and empowering individuals. According to her, the recognition bestowed on RF will drive it to work harder for the common good of the people.

However, Nita Ambani’s admiration for art and creativity is not limited to activities undertaken by her foundation alone. Recently, she showed up in support of young writer Zuni Chopra at Crossword Bookstores for the launch of her book, which is based on a fantasy story, set in Kashmir. The event also had other famous personalities in attendance. Nita Ambani released the book and even shared her thoughts on the special occasion. She highlighted Zuni’s journey as a writer since the young age of 10. She spoke about how Zuni’s effortless ability to express her vivid imagination in words has won the hearts of readers. Nita Ambani also shed light on her memories of Zuni as a child, especially the time when she was to unveil her first book – The Land of Dreams.

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