Nita Ambani at India Today Conclave

There are no shortage of philanthropists in our country of over a billion. Suffice to say, there are multiple programs in place, organizations operating for various causes and innumerable NGOs focusing on and striving to improve certain aspects of the society. Prominent amongst them is Reliance Foundation, a nonprofit initiated by its Chairperson and Founder Nita Ambani, wife of the industrialist Mukesh Ambani. The issues that it focuses on include rural transformation, education, sports for children, disaster response, etc. Quite recently, she was part of a well-known event in Mumbai to talk about certain matters concerning the future of our nation.

India Today Conclave-

The India Today Conclave 2018, in its seventeenth edition, returned to Mumbai, with two event filled days which included discussions on several provocative ideas, thoughtful interactions and debates, followed by short films and other performances.

This year’s edition was conducted in Hyatt, Mumbai, on March 10.

Nita Ambani’s Speech at the Event-

As part of the guest list invited to this event, Nita Ambani gave a speech, touching up on a myriad of issues affecting the progress of India, prominent among them being sports and education, the topic of discussion being “’The Great Equaliser: Sports and Education For All”. She strongly advocated for easy accessibility of both, insisting that both are the two pillars on which the future of the country will rise on.

Furthermore, she highlighted Reliance Foundation’s contribution in this matter. She spoke in length about the efforts put in and the activities carried out as part of contributions towards both fields. She also announced plans to set up a state of the art university, in addition to the number of schools already in establishment. Another incredible fact revealed in this talk was that the reach of the Foundation’s grassroots programs had crossed over 13 million budding sportspeople and athletes. She even called on her audience to work together and ensure that the 2026 Youth Olympic be held in India.

Success Stories-

Nita Ambani also narrated a number of inspiring stories of youngsters who had dreams of making it big in sports and succeeded. For instance, Anju Gurjar was a young girl of 15 who’d received a marriage proposal. But determined to make a career in sports, with the support of her grandmother, she won a competition held by the Reliance Foundation. The better known success stories were those of the Pandya brothers, Kunal and Hardik, who had made it as professional cricketers and are now part of one of the biggest cricketing franchises in Mumbai Indians.

The dedication of Reliance Foundation in this matter has been absolute and never wavering. Nita Ambani has stressed on the importance of capitalizing on India’s large population of youngsters and that is where the Foundation has worked for.

And later, in a conversation with India Today Group Vice-Chairperson Kalli Purie, she told the most inspiring story of them all: the tale of how her son Anant Ambani lost 118 kilos by following a strict diet and walking 23 kilometres every day.

“He’s an inspiration to all of us today,” Nita Ambani said.

4 thoughts on “Nita Ambani at India Today Conclave

  1. I was listening to Nita Ambani’s speech yesterday, the way she was narrating the inspiring stories of youngsters was really great. I mean I was able to see the spark in her eyes that how far she wants the country to develop in the field of sports.

  2. What a speech by Nita Ambani! Really inspiring. It is very important for our country to develop in sports as well. Reliance Foundation is taking a step forward towards sports and various different things for the betterment of our country. Wishing Reliance Foundation Good luck and great success.

  3. What a speech by Nita Ambani! Really inspiring. It is very important for our country to develop in sports as well. Reliance Foundation is taking a step forward towards sports and various different things for the betterment of our country. Wishing Reliance Foundation Good luck and great success.

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