Nita Ambani led ISL Launches “Future Hai Football” Campaign

Nita Ambani is well known for her fondness of sport and understands the significance and impact it has on children. She believes every child must participate in any sport and has pledged to provide opportunities for all to ensure that this becomes a reality. Football has been her focus for a number of years now. She has launched several programs to this end, pooling in resources from several organizations (notably among them, Reliance Foundation), grassroots programs and also has been the inspiration behind the popular Indian Super League. This year, Nita Ambani has taken yet another step to increase awareness among people and that is the “Future Hai Football” campaign.

How ISL has helped Indian Football-

The yearly tournament has remarkably improved the state of football in the country which is cricket crazy. While it would be too early to call this a tectonic shift in people’s preferences of sport, it certainly made one thing clear; football has a place in India. The grassroots programs and partnership with Reliance Foundation Youth Sports has helped the younger generation to consider this sport as something that could one day be their profession. The buzz has already swayed across the nation as football is gaining traction as a professional sport that can be turned into a profession.

What “Future Hai Football” campaign is about-

Recently, the prestigious FIFA U17 WC was hosted by India. Shortly after its tremendous success, Indian Super League launched an inspiring campaign which was dedicated to India. This TVC was titled “Future Hai Football”, which translates to football is the future. It is based on the idea that the nation believes itself to be close to being part of the world famous sport on a global scale.

The main aim here is to highlight that passion, more than anything, can be the catalyst which would turn a person’s dreams to reality. This campaign explores the roots of several members of the Indian national football team, outlining their journey from childhood to the accomplished athletes they currently are.

Nita Ambani participates in the campaign-

The TVC starts by showcasing the true story of Eugeneson Lyngdoh. The midfielder came from humble backgrounds to make it to the top level. Another valuable member of the team, Anas Edathodika, who used to ride rickshaws, turned his fortunes around too. C K Vineeth, who harvested the fields in Kannur, became one of the most deadly strikers at the team’s disposal.

The TVC also shows ISL club owners Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Abhishek Bachchan and M S Dhoni expressing their support for their respective team players. The campaign is signed off with Nita Ambani conveying the main message, highlighting that for India, the future is indeed football.


The future is bright when it comes to football in India. There has been a steady rise in the FIFA world rankings over the last couple of years. This has a lot to do with the kind of efforts that persons like Nita Ambani take with their collective campaigns and programs such as the ISL and RFYS, etc.

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