Nita Ambani’s ISL – The Overarching Objective

Football in India has undergone radical changes over the last three years. What happened in 2014 was certainly fundamental, when the Indian Super League (ISL) was launched by the Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL). And since then there has been a gradual development of a bridge between the best employable practices upheld by the western world and India with respect to football and its overall evolution. ISL has emerged under the guidance of Nita Ambani who chairs the development board with other industry experts. This development of sports in India has captured the attention of the world.

The league serves as one of the top tournaments in India, along with the domestic I-League. The Indian Super League regular season currently runs from October to December every year. The teams play in a single table during the regular season and each team will play each other twice, once at home and once away from home, to complete a fourteen-game season.

Nita Ambani- led ISL gets Recognition from AFC

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) are all set to allow the winners of the Indian Super League (ISL) to participate in the AFC Cup qualifying play-off, according to sources. Under the previous arrangement, the Federation Cup champions would earn a spot in the continental competition’s play-off. This would mean that the ISL is no more a private tournament but a recognized league under the aegis of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), AFC and FIFA.

Nita Ambani- led ISL gets Recognition from AFC
Nita Ambani at ISL Finals

India is no longer just a football watching nation. Nor do they think of travelling to another country just to meet their favorite legends. Today, football is not just relegated to certain pockets. But it belongs to each and every person residing in India. The initiator of ISL says that it’s time for Let’s Football in India.

The striking fact is that as a promoter of the sport, Nita Ambani is focused in achieving the objective of taking Indian football to the highest echelon. With the success of ISL and the vast dimensions of potential it can unshackle in the not so distant future, Indian football is firmly on a path of promise.

Nita Ambani’s Vision to make Indian Football World Class

Nita Ambani says that right from start ISL’s objective was to develop football across the country in a systematic and holistic manner. As the second most populous country in the world, India’s absence from the world soccer was quite notable. However, over the last two-years a lot of things has changed, and the world has started to take note of India’s rise in football. For example, recently India’s FIFA U-17 World Cup football team defeated Italy by 2-0. It is believed that our heart reflects what is placed before it just like a clear crystal highlighting that we are likely to become who we associate with intimately.

The ISL has allowed Indian players, young and the experienced ones too, to share the dressing room with players/coaches who have made their mark at the highest possible platform. To an extent, the knowledge oblivion was bridged. Indians had an opportunity to mingle with some of the best and learn from their experiences which did help pollinate their potential.

Nita Ambani’s Take on ISL’s Players

India has no inadequacy of talent, and Mrs. Nita Ambani thinks that we need to show them the right way, nurture and provide opportunities to India’s youth. She was impressed with the way the boys have taken up the challenge in the ISL and have matched with their international counterparts. One can see the notable difference in their attitude and body language.

Nita Ambani said that in building the Indian Super League, they have committed to propel Indian football to its rightful place– with Indian talent, facilities, passion and ambition to reach the very pinnacle of the game. The League is built on strong values which will ensure that long-term and sustainable growth is achieved through concerted and mutually-aligned effort from all Indian football stakeholders.

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