How Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation Has Helped Achieve Water Security

Reliance Foundation is a well-known Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Reliance Industries, which has taken a lot of efforts to develop rural India and helping farmers in their agricultural activities, initiate education programs for children all over and also for disaster response and sports. Reliance Foundation was founded back in 2010 by Nita Ambani. Several programs were launched by the Foundation in order to solve problems of water shortage. And they have been quite successful as well.

Water Shortage Problems-

Owing to lack of rains in some of the areas in which the organization operated, the produce that the farmers tried growing kept failing. This directly impacted their livelihood and their health, as the supply of drinking water had dried up as well. This problem was faced in many villages in South India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. It became imperative that certain measures be taken so that the crops aren’t affected as well as the health of farmers and their families. These programs were then implemented in other drought-prone areas as well.

Water Budgeting-

With prime focus on water budgeting, Nita Ambani, with the help of other specialists formulated a strategy to improve the water reserves in these areas. Water conservation with an ultimate aim of water restoration was carried out. Several water structures were constructed for purposes of agriculture, drinking water and other domestic needs. Water budgeting was initiated across several villages that were part of the Foundation’s projects with the sole aim being to use water effectively and to raise awareness regarding the matter. Last checked, this was initiated and completed in nearly 250 villages.


Construction of water structures such as earthen check dams, masonry check dams, farm ponds, and dug wells have helped communities in the many villages conserve around 100 lakh cubic metres of rainwater in 2017. In all, since this program was started, nearly 550 lakh cubic metres of water has been conserved. Additionally, drip and micro-irrigation were implemented over 2000 hectares of land, thereby ensuring effective water irrigation systems were in place. As a result of all these efforts, 107 villages have achieved water security and 46 of them are secured for both drinking water and irrigation water.

Reliance Foundation plans to continue the program as long as needed in the villages affected by drought and rainfall shortage. Nita Ambani has always vowed to work for the rural population and this program is one of the many that was initiated for their benefit.

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