Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation helps Farmers in Organic Farming

Nita Ambani, chairperson and founder of Reliance Foundation (RF) has started an initiative to teach farmers about organic farming and preserve our environment. It’s her in-depth efforts like this that today Reliance Foundation, her brainchild, has become such a huge philanthropic organization. Along with education, healthcare, urban renewal, disaster management, Nita Ambani has given equal importance to farming and agriculture. RF has therefore taken the initiative to support and teach sustainable farming techniques to the farmers.

There are many villages in India where farmers are eager to transform their village into a healthy village. Every person in the village wants to improve the nutrition of themselves and the food they produce. They are also worried about the nourishment of their families. Reliance Foundation (RF) teams have trained and educated the communities to make use of natural resources easily available to them across India. The foundation has therefore set up thousands of Reliance Nutrition Gardens across rural India in order to promote nutrition and bio diversity.

Women of Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh conserve water to irrigate Reliance Nutrition Gardens:

Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNGs) are managed primarily by women. For maintenance of these RNGs water is the most essential resource. In the summer season the water needs to be efficiently utilized as well properly managed and conserved. Hence 150 women from the three villages of Pendri, Khaira and Khulmudi received training on irrigation for Reliance Nutrition Gardens. The women of these villages received different types of training for example drip irrigation techniques which included bucked based low gravity techniques and solar drip irrigation systems. This training session was conducted at Pendri village and was the result of the collaboration between Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation and Indira Gandhi Krishi University in Raipur. A facilitator from the session, who was a scientist, visited the Reliance Nutrition Garden in Pendri. He appreciated the efforts of the village women and also trained them on necessary nutrition components to include in their daily diet.

Nita Ambani led Reliance Nutrition Garden
Nita Ambani led RF’s Reliance Nutrition Garden

My “Organic Village” Bijapuri in Sendhwa Madhya Pradesh:

Like RF team visited Chhattisgarh and trained women about water conservation for irrigation, in the same manner they taught these farmers and all the other villagers of Madhya Pradesh about conserving environment. Several learning sessions were conducted.

Reliance Foundation team recently visited Bijapuri in Sendhwa, Madhya Pradesh for teaching various sustainable agricultural activities and a team from Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) was impressed by the farmers’ vast knowledge about different organic farming techniques such as line sowing, vermi-composting and water-harvesting. The team was so much impressed that they decided to adopt Bijapuri as an Organic Farm under the Government of India’s prestigious Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana (PKVY). The PKVY implements organic farming in village clusters, aiding farmers to adopt eco-friendly cultivation methods and reduce their dependence on fertilizers and chemicals. 50 Farmers will avail funds worth Rs 20,000 per acre, under this project. These funds will be used to practice organic farming on their plots, to ensure high yields of natural produce that is free from pesticide-residue.

Nita Ambani and her RF team has trained the villagers to make nutrient rich compost using easily available materials such as cow dung, dry biomass, and neem leaves. This self-made fertilizer will not just reduce the expenditure on chemical fertilizers but will also give them a better produce and help in increased profits.

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