Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation Launches Information Services Program

Reliance Foundation, as it is very well known, was founded in 2010, by the well-known philanthropist Nita Ambani. The organization has been set up in order to help in developing the rural areas and also to enrich the lives of the people living there by providing them opportunities that would aid in their livelihood. This is part of the many charitable activities that Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) undertakes. Community-based initiatives are carried out on a frequent basis in order to achieve Nita Ambani’s vision of creating an inclusive India.

Use of Technology-

The Foundation has been known to employ state of the art technology as part of their solutions to problems faced by people in often neglected parts of the country. The efforts put in by them are actively supported by several teams of experts who are dedicated to that project. They engage with the individuals in question and carry out tasks that would have a positive impact in that particular area. It is a known fact that the Foundation has carried out successful forays in the fields of healthcare, sports development, rural transformation, etc.

Reliance Foundation Information Services-

As part of the technological solutions provided by RF, one of the main programmes launched by Nita Ambani is called “Reliance Foundation Information Services”. It provides detailed information using modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and is based on a multi-stakeholder partnership model. It also helps communities avert risks associated with their professions and encourages them to rely on sustainable practices.

This programme mainly helps people to access information from reliable sources. This would directly help them by improving the productivity of their assets and consequently, improve their earnings. This initiative was mainly launched so that they would be able to reach out to small-time farmers and livestock owners. Villagers along coastal areas (who are mostly just fisherfolk) can also be aided with this.

How it works-

Part of activities undertaken under this involves disseminating localized livelihood such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries, etc. and non-livelihood advisories like local news, social messages, insurance, civic services, etc. with the help of different communication media. This would include mobile platforms, local cable TV, radio, print formats, Whatsapp, voice messages, text messages, and field-based training programs. The broadcasts focus on varied themes like employment, development of skills, micro-enterprises, agriculture, fisheries, health, and horticulture.

All this is done with the guidance of various knowledge providers. They would include universities, colleges, government departments, banks, hospitals, etc. At present, RFIS programme is in partnership with more than 620 knowledge partners for providing content, allotting experts for providing clarifications and extending services at the ground.

Outreach and Impact of RFIS-

So far, there have been over 40 lakh people who have been reached via the various mobile platforms. In addition to that, the programme has seen the participation of 3.6 lakh users in several multi-location audio/video conferences and field-based services interactions. Nearly 1.5 lakh farm animals have been treated for health ailments with the help of livestock camps that were organized in partnership modes.

In addition to these, there have also been weather based agro-livestock-marine advisories bulletins, early warning information are disseminated through 54 local cable TV networks, 7 AIR/Community Radio and 6 newspaper networks. The programme is currently active in a few states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala and West Bengal.

This is one of Reliance Foundation’s biggest initiatives for rural development and reformation. Nita Ambani has been personally involved in each and every one of projects that have been undertaken by the organization. She strives to bring about a lasting impact in this aspect and has been actively looking to set up programmes like the Reliance Foundation Information Services all over the country.

9 thoughts on “Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation Launches Information Services Program

  1. This is an extremely vital area that Reliance Foundation is focusing on; reach of technology in the rural areas of the country. Really commend Nita Ambani for her drive behind the entire program.

  2. Farmers need access to information that can improve their output and for knowing how they can cope up with the limited resources. Good thing Nita Ambani is focusing on this as well.

  3. Love innovative techniques like these. Providing access to farmers like Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation are doing is exactly what we require.

  4. Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation have really brought about a solid change in how rural areas and their inhabitants can be helped. Use of technology in this regard will massively help everyone involved and get more useful information. Well done.

  5. It is pleasing to see that farmers getting more opportunities in this manner. Access to information and internet is the need of the hour and we need more such initiatives. Excellent by Nita Ambani and Reliance Foundation!

  6. It is extremely important that vital information for the farmers to be more productive in their work and increase the amount of crops they grow. Very good of Reliance Foundation and Nita Ambani to begin this program.

  7. Due to lack of information many farmer’s are not able to produce proper crops and find difficulty in their work. Good to see that Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation has taken an initiative on this aspect as well. Great work!!

  8. Nowadays I see a lot of posts on social media about the problems faced by the farmers. We often ignore these types of concerns but, I am glad that someone took the initiative to provide these farmers with right knowledge as well as required information. We need to stand with Nita Ambani and her philanthropic initiative Reliance foundation for educating the farmers for a better India.

  9. It is important for farmers to have the right information about the farming techniques. There are foundations coming and helping these farmers to provide with the right information. I am sure these efforts by Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation and also by other organisations will aid in the development.

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