Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation’s Disaster Response Measures

Reliance Foundation was established in 2010, by popular public figure Nita Ambani, wife of business magnate Mukesh Ambani. The organization has prioritized several long standing issues prevelant in India such as education for children of all ages, lack of opportunities in sports, as well as rural transformation. But on occasions when there have been unfortunate catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc where the affected people have had dire need of help, the Foundation’s dedicated disaster response team has always been on the forefront. They have reached out in a timely fashion and have provided adequate and much needed solutions such as ensuring medical supply, adequate drinking water and food and shelter.

Nepal Earthquake

Back in April 2015, when a devastating earthquake had hit Nepal, it was on Nita Ambani’s direction that Reliance Foundation deployed a core team to help the persons who had been impacted. This was done within days of the earthquake; with the team disregarding the threat to their own safety reached out to over 10,000 families with the help of locals. Reliance Foundation had also partnered up with Red Cross in order to help remove debris and evacuate people. The villages in Sindhupalchok, Novakot, and Dhading were the most affected areas and this is where the Foundation distributed nearly 6,000 food kits and 2,800 tents for shelter.

Gujarat Flood Relief

When several areas in districts of Amreli, Patan and Banaskantha in Gujarat came under water in June 2015, the devastation it caused was far reaching. Entire life savings of villagers living in those districts were lost to flood waters, their lands, houses, crops and animals. Once again, the organization posted teams in those regions, who immediately carried out a review of the entire situation in order to provide relief in the quickest way possible. All it ultimately took was a fortnight to distribute over 8,000 food kits and 2,000 household kits, which included utensils, basic furniture, etc. to the affected families.

Flood relief in Tamil Nadu-

In late 2015, on account of severe rainstorms, Chennai and its neighboring districts like Cuddalore, Kanchipuram, etc. were devastated by flash floods. The response by Nita Ambani backed Reliance Foundation was swift here, with help reaching out to over 25,000 families in form of immediate temporary shelters, food, water and medical aid. The disaster response team comprising of 217 volunteers procured over 400 shelter kits, had a team of doctors flown in and treated 3,400 people in the 13 medical camps that the Foundation had set up. In addition to that, this team also collaborated with the Animal Husbandry Department of the Tamil Nadu government to conduct 17 camps for the treatment of affected livestock.

These incidents have shown that Reliance Foundation shall always be at the forefront of any disaster relief efforts post any calamity. Nita Mukesh Ambani has strived to ensure that her nonprofit shall always be ready for such scenarios and has also helped achieve success in other fields as well.

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