Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation’s Primary Focus on Water, Rural Migration and Technology

Nita Ambani is a well-known philanthropist, who is involved in numerous charitable events organized by Reliance Industries or other associated institutions. Giving back to the society is something she’s always believed in and this has been clearly portrayed by her relentless efforts in leading the largest Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in the country, the not-for-profit organization Reliance Foundation (RF). It has immensely contributed towards the vision of having a positive impact in the Indian society via charitable ventures, diverse community engagement activities, and improving the lives/livelihoods of as many as possible.

Nita Ambani’s Thoughts on What the Foundation is about-

According to Nita Ambani, the prime objective is creating and supporting activities that address the more urgent developmental challenges in the country through a comprehensive approach. She has always maintained that a strong commitment to enhance the quality of life of people and to implement a development model is what the ultimate target is. The Foundation has evolved constantly, but the core focal points have always been rural transformation, health care, education, sports and culture.

Reliance Foundation’s Current Focus-

It’s a known fact that rural migration is a huge problem in the country. It has a domino effect which leads to water scarcity, strain on natural resources, etc. The Foundation has targeted these aspects and have tried to resolve those by implementing necessary measures.

Mitigating Problems Due to Rural Migration-

For villages to have a surplus product from agriculture, there has to be more people available to work on farms. This number reduces on account of migration, mostly to urban areas. On the other hand, places which observe a surge in number of newcomers face issues such as scarcity of water and a notable strain on resources such as food and land.

This is where RF has helped by training rural communities in ways of sustainable agriculture, improvement of the quality and output from the limited assets, and thereby leading to better and more reliable yield, especially in terms of food. They have transformed nearly 1.4 lakh acres of almost barren lands into fertile and productive ones using several sustainable agricultural practices. This has been known to help increase nutrition levels amongst the villagers of the affected regions.

Water Revival Activities-

There have been many rivers (that had once dried off due to various reasons) which now exists again because of the rigorous efforts of the Foundation. The Soygaon River Revival Project, for instance, involved consolidated efforts which saw the Sona River in Soygaon block in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra flowing again. This was a huge advantage for around 14,000 people by recharging more than 100 wells and helped in the irrigation process of over 2,500 acres of farm land in multiple villages.

This is just one of the many such projects undertaken by RF.

Technology for Development-

The Reliance Foundation Information Services, a branch of RF, has been tasked with disseminating critical information for improving farm produce, regarding livestock and marine life. This was done for targeted groups such as fisherfolk, farmers, livestock owners, etc. in 9 Indian states and mediums such as audio and dial-out conferences, local cable TV, All India Radio, print media, voice and text SMS, Jio Chat, WhatsApp and field based programs and trainings were utilized.

Backed by Nita Ambani, the Reliance Foundation continues its quest in the above mentioned manner to improve the quality of life for those in need and helps provide opportunities to such folks, thereby improving the state of the society in India.

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