Nita Ambani led Reliance Foundation’s Water Security Program

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Reliance Industries, Reliance Foundation, was founded back in 2010 by Nita Ambani, wife of the conglomerate’s head Mukesh Ambani. Ever since its inception, the Foundation has initiated up several programs in order to resolve issues faced by rural India. The areas of focus have been rural development, education for children and sports. In recent times, considering the drought like conditions faced by farmers in multiple states, the organization had also come up with initiatives that helped conserve water and ensure that agriculture does not get affected in these conditions.

Problems Observed-

On account of various factors, several states in India have seen drought like conditions affecting farming and agricultural practices suffer. There have been many monsoon seasons that have not delivered sufficient amount of rainwater for the farms and produce has been affected directly. A solution to this severe issue was needed at the earliest.

The Water Security Program

A continuous supply of water for farming and harvesting purpose along with drinking and everyday use. That was the sole purpose of the program initiated by Reliance Foundation a few years back. This mainly involves focused interventions on water budgeting, which essentially encourages villagers and farmers to limit the use of water to absolute necessities; such as for agricultural purposes and other domestic needs of the community. Furthermore, rainwater conservation has also been implemented across various project villages. As part of that, construction of functional water structures such as lakes, earthen check dams, masonry check dams, farm ponds, dug wells and reservoirs have also been undertaken to ensure effective use of water resources.

Impact Observed-

As a result of several measures implemented by Reliance Foundation in over 250 villages, there has been a positive impact observed in those villages. The structures constructed have seen communities across all the villages save over 550 lakh cubic metres of water saved since inception. The water harvesting capacities created around plant locations can accommodate 1.49 lakh cubic metres of water. In addition, 2,229 hectares of land was brought under water efficient irrigation systems such as drip and micro irrigation. Through these efforts, 107 villages have achieved drinking water security, of which 46 villages are secured for both drinking water and irrigation water.

Water security has been a grave issue for years in the drought affected regions all across the country. Reliance Foundation, spearheaded by Nita Mukesh Ambani has ensured that the villages under the Foundation would never have to face shortage of water for their many activities.

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