Nita Ambani Member of IOC Wishes the Indian Olympic Team

Nita Ambani has been a part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for quite some time now. She’s the first female Indian representative at the organization, a huge honor, both, for her as well as India. She was elected as an IOC member at the 129th Session of IOC, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, one day before the opening ceremony of the 31st Olympic Games. She will remain a member of the body until the age of 70.

Olympic Channel Commission Membership-

In addition to being an IOC Member, she also has become part of various important commissions of the governing body. One of them is the prestigious Olympic Channel Commission, as the IOC announced the composition of 26 commissions. She is to be the part of 16 members of the Olympic Channel Commission, which would be headed by the United States Olympic Committee Chairman Lawrence Francis Probst. She is to replace the International Paralympic Committee President Philip Craven.

This digital channel is projected to cost around $600 mil over the first seven years. The brainchild of IOC President Thomas Bach, the idea behind the commission is to promote Olympic sports and values throughout the year. It is designed to be a mix of sports programming, Olympic archive footage, news and other material.

Olympic Education Commission Membership-

In addition to the above commission, the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation has also been named in the Olympic Education Commission, which would consist of 24 members. This is to be headed by Barry John Maister, an IOC member from New Zealand, who also won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics.

The IOC has markedly improved the female representation amongst its members in recent times. Nita Ambani is part of that improvement of diverse representation, geographically as well.

Wishing the Indian Contingent at Winter Olympics-

She met with the Indian athletes who are representing India at the ongoing Winter Olympics. The contingent includes two well-known sportspersons, Shiva Keshavan and Jagdish Singh.

Shiva Keshavan had carried the Indian flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. He has qualified for the Luge Men’s Singles event for the sixth consecutive time. Furthermore, Jagdish Singh would be competing in the Cross Country Skiing event.

Nita Ambani conveyed her congratulations and best wishes to these two athletes, offering the following statement- “Both Shiva and Jagdish and the sports they play are not so well-known in India yet, but the enhanced live coverage of the Games may change all that”

Ambani, who became India’s representative at the IOC after Randhir Singh stepped down from the post, conveyed her best wishes to the two-member Indian contingent.

It’s fair to say that Nita Ambani has been fulfilling her duties as an IOC member quite well and is well suited to be part of the commissions that she has been selected to.

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  1. The day when Nita Ambani elected as a member of International Olympic Committee, I knew that she would motivate and appreciate the participants. It’s really great that she herself went there and conveyed best wishes to these Indian athletes.

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