Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation Hospital Arranges a Visit for the Rotary Club

Nita Ambani is already known for her continuous efforts to provide advanced healthcare to the needy through her nonprofit organization Reliance Foundation. While most of these efforts – whether it is through the Foundation or through the chain of hospitals run by Reliance – go unappreciated, in September 2016, a small group of the society got the opportunity to see these efforts first-hand. As an attempt to showcase its abilities as a top medical unit, the Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital, located in Girgaon, Mumbai, organized a visit for the members of Rotary Club of Bombay.

Hosted by Nita Ambani, Chairperson of Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, it gave the club members and their families a great opportunity to visit the facility and experience the world-class healthcare amenities. The whole event was arranged by a fellow Rotarian Vita Dani, who invited over 150 members of the Rotary Club of Bombay and their families.

An Overview of Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital

350 rooms make up three tall buildings which take up around 8 lakh square feet of area in the Girgaon region of Mumbai. Out of the three buildings, the oldest is the original H N Hospital building, which was recently awarded the heritage structure status by the government. The new building is what the Rotarians were enthralled to see as it had state-of-the-art healthcare equipment, which the hospital is famous for. Led by Nita Ambani, it has got itself a name for being the first hospital that is totally eco-friendly, which the Rotarians did not fail to notice.

The club members also pointed out the hospitality by the staff of the hospital. Known for carrying out initiatives to help the less-fortunate patients from rural areas, the hospital specializes in a lot of medical services such as urology, cardiology, maternity and post-natal care, and oncology to name a few.

Brief History of the Hospital by Nita Ambani

All the members and their families were already excited with the visit, which was followed up by a short talk session by the hostess, Chairperson Nita Ambani. She talked about the history of the hospital, which was conceived in 1925, and also gave the audience a sneak peek into her activities related to the hospital’s functioning. Many people from the audience also recollected their memories of the H N Heritage Wing as most of them were born in its wards.

Nita Ambani's RF Hospital
The Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital celebrated World Health Day on 7 April 2016

A Day Spent Well

The visit ended with high tea as hostess Nita Ambani thanked the members for paying the hospital a visit. She also asked the members to paint their names on cardboards which would then be put up in the children’s wards. The members of the Rotary Club were only happy to do so, as they ended their day with memories and enjoyment.


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