Nita Ambani Selected for Olympic Channel Commission and Olympic Education Commission

In 2016, Nita Ambani became the first woman from India to be elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Now, Mrs. Ambani has been chosen for two important commissions of the IOC. She has become a member of the prestigious Olympic Channel Commission and Olympic Education Commission.

Olympic Channel Commission

Olympic Channel Commission is a part of the IOC. It is a 16-member committee headed by Lawrence Francis Probst, Chairman of the United States Olympic Committee. President of IOC, Thomas Bach designed the commission. It received a nod from the IOC in December 2015 and was launched in August 2016 during the Rio Olympics.

Olympic Channel Commission is a Madrid-based digital channel created for promoting Olympic sports and values throughout the year. It broadcasts news, Olympic archives, and sports programs, among other things. The channel was launched with a seven-year projected cost of around USD 600 million.

Nita Ambani At The Rio Olympics 2016
Nita Ambani At The Rio Olympics 2016

Olympic Education Commission

Olympic Education Commission, also a part of IOC, is a 24-member committee headed by Barry John Maister. Barry John Maister is an IOC member and a 1976 hockey gold medalist from New Zealand. Olympic Education Commission is appointed to advise the IOC President, IOC Executive Board, and IOC Session for the promotion of value-based education. It strategizes IOC programs and activities related to youth education through sports.

Nita Ambani’s appointment in the commissions

Nita Ambani replaced President of International Paralympic Committee, Philip Craven in the Olympic Channel Commission. She has been a member of the IOC Commission for Public Affairs and Social Development through Sports, which supports Olympic Education Commission.

Thomas Bach has encouraged women participation in the commissions. In an IOC statement, he revealed that the body’s focus is on nurturing, mentoring, and empowering the youth. The recent moves in the commissions are positive signs in the sports world, he added.

Nita Ambani’s entry in the IOC

At the 129th session of IOC held at Rio de Janeiro, Nita Ambani became the first Indian woman to be elected as a member of the IOC. She received 92.2 percent positive votes, the highest among all the eight candidates. She was nominated by the IOC Executive Board due to her contribution towards the development of sports in India. She will retain the position until she attains the age of 70 years.

Mrs. Ambani was honored and delighted to be selected as an IOC member. She is enthusiastic about spreading the spirit of sports across India. On receiving the honor, she said that she would be happy to contribute in fulfilling the goals of the IOC. Post her appointment, Mrs. Ambani hopes on bringing cricket under the Olympic Games.

Nita Ambani’s love for sports

Being the Founder and Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, Nita Ambani has involved herself in all of its initiatives. The foundation works for the social transformation of India in the fields of education, health, sports, rural transformation, and disaster response, among others.

Mrs. Ambani has always been a sports lover. Her passion and commitment towards sports are seen through her support for the Mumbai Indians team in the Indian Premier League (IPL). She is always present to cheer the team. She motivates the team and helps it overcome challenges.

Nita Ambani has a huge faith in the power of sports. She believes that sports is necessary to provide the right direction to the future generation. According to her, sports brings people of different communities, culture, religion, and generations together. It enforces a sense of unity and teaches teamwork to the youth. She also feels that sports inculcate values like sportsmanship, discipline, respect, and perseverance. Moreover, she believes that sports has an unusual power that reinforces human bonding, restores faith, and encourages positive change.

Nita Ambani’s work in the development of sports

Nita Ambani has been promoting sports at the grassroots level in India through a number of Reliance Foundation’s programs. According to her, it is important to polish the talents of the individuals from a young age. Apart from cricket, she focuses on games like football, basketball, kabaddi, golf, and tennis.

Her grassroots initiatives have reached more than three million children in India. The programs give the right platform, guidance, training, equipment, and opportunity to the children to excel in their favorite sport. For the development and promotion of football in India, she also initiated the Indian Super League (ISL).

Mrs. Ambani dreams of India as a multi-sport nation. She is excited to lead a movement in sports for the children in India.

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