Nita Ambani’s Non-Profit Alleviates Marathwada’s Water Woes in Record Time

Nita Ambani has recently diverted the focus of her non-profit philanthropic organization, Reliance Foundation, to rural development. To be more specific, she has invested all her efforts in solving the problem of water scarcity in the drought-hit villages of the country. In May 2016, Reliance Foundation (RF) identified 100 villages in the state of Maharashtra and supplied water to them in a record 23 days – and became a lifesaver to tens of thousands of villagers who had even lost hope from the government.

Supplying Water to 100 Villages in Four Districts

A team from Reliance Foundation was sent to four districts in Maharashtra where the volunteers assessed the condition of hundred drought-hit villages by talking to the afflicted inhabitants. According to India CSR, the four districts chosen – Hingoli, Jalna, Latur, and Nanded – have been victims of poor rainfall. Uncontrolled and unregulated exploitation of water bodies in the area is the main cause of delayed and sporadic monsoon, which not only affects the livelihood of the village-dwellers but also affects the economy. Help from government agencies soon poured in, which expedited the whole process and made the activity possible.

Nita Ambani's Reliance Foundation-Operation at Marathwada
Nita Ambani’s Reliance Foundation-Operation at Marathwada

Farmers are hit the most because their agricultural routines have to be tweaked. When there’s no potable water, how can they save their valuable crops from stunting and getting damaged? This might be the question that Nita Ambani pondered upon as she diverted her Rural Transformation’s focus on this region.

More than 20 Million Litres in 23 Days

As part of the foundation’s far-reaching Mission Rahat, the villages received more than 20 million litres of water, which helped more than 2 lakh people. A total of 3990 tankers were deployed by the foundation, out of which at least 2 were deployed to each villager per day. This way, the daily demand for water was met, bringing a much-needed relief to the villagers who have been experiencing water scarcity for quite a few years now.

According to Nita Ambani, the foundation’s decision to focus on the Marathwada region in 2016 was due to the overall rainfall levels of Maharashtra. Although the urban parts of the state – Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik – had limited supply of water, the problem with these areas is that the villagers struggled for drinking water. No one should be deprived of drinking water, and that thought drove the foundation to help these villages.

The effort was lauded by the village panchayats, who thanked everyone in the RF team for volunteering and supporting. There are many more problems to tackle in these rural parts of the state, but RF believes in one at a time – and by the looks of it – they are in the right direction.

Nita Ambani has always had a keen eye for nature conservation, and through Reliance Foundation, she has helped thousands of people understand the necessity to protect our environment. Some leaders may believe that climate change is a hoax, but not Mrs. Ambani, who has spent the better part of her life since the conception of RF in activities such as this.

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