Nita Ambani’s School Gets International Accreditation

Nita Ambani has emerged as a true trailblazer in India’s education system as she continues to bring international-level education in the country through her chain of schools under the Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS) brand. Keeping up with her efforts, in March 2017, she succeeded in gaining accreditation for all her K-12 co-educational schools by the prestigious Council of International Students (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). This has made DAIS one of the only seven schools in India that have received the honour.

Accreditation Requires Efforts: Nita Ambani

Receiving an accreditation from such coveted international facilities is not easy as institutions have to rejig their programmes and operations so that they are aligned with international standards. The education system in India, although regulated by the ministry, does not aim higher, which is not the case with private institutions like DAIS. A school must also show that it delivers everything that it promises, with respect to their vision and philosophies. Moreover, it has to prove its worth and show its history of unparalleled work for betterment of education. DAIS, which was founded and is run by Nita Ambani, satisfies all the parameters in this regard.

Nita Ambani led DAIS awarded international accreditation by the CIS and the NEASC
Nita Ambani led DAIS receives international accreditation by CIS and NEASC

DAIS’s Five-Year Plan Helps

Talking to The Times of India, Mrs. Ambani said, “The accreditation, which is an expression of confidence in the institution’s purposes, performances, and sufficiency of institutional resources, has given a further impetus to our school’s culture of excellence and collaborative spirit.” She further stated that the school’s five-year strategic plan further helped it showcase its strengths to the CIC and NEASC bodies. The schools under the DAIS brand have always tried to broaden its horizons by adopting new programmes, activities – their frequent mentions in the news is a testament to that.

Accreditation is an Honour

Schools that are accredited by such international bodies have more chances of attracting students who want quality education, even if that means higher fees. But, the highlight of DAIS schools is that they only focus on the quality of education that their students get, in addition to the skills they learn over their course. According to Nita Ambani, education is what matters and when an institution gets accredited by bodies like CIS, it only shows how ambitious the school is.

Nita Ambani has put a lot of efforts in ensuring that DAIS gets the nod, which has now become one of the 400 esteemed schools in the world to be recognized by CIS.

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