How One Call to Reliance Foundation Changed Veeraswami’s Life

The Nita Ambani-led Reliance Foundation (RF) works towards creating better opportunities for marginalized communities in India. It creates contemporary solutions that go a long towards ensuring that underprivileged individuals become self-sufficient and increase the productivity of their natural assets.

Reliance Foundation Information Services

The Reliance Foundation Information Services’ toll free number allows farmers to access useful information and timely updates. Implemented in 2013 across India, its primary beneficiaries include fisher folk and farmers based in 5,500 villages.

The toll-free number service covers a holistic range of areas from horticulture, aquaculture, agriculture, marine fisheries, to micro-enterprises. Additionally, it also includes themes of education, rural youth, and health.

Multiple technological platforms are used in combination to reach out to the audience, some of which are cable TV programs, audio conferences, an interactive helpline, radio-based programs, and live on-site demonstrations.

Veeraswami, Andhra Pradesh

One success story which can be attributed to the helpline is that of Dudala Veeraswami who belongs to the Vakada Village of Andhra Pradesh. Having come across Reliance Foundation’s contact number on a local television channel, Veeraswami called the company to enquire about how it could benefit a small farmer like him.

The foundation’s staff promptly briefed him and subscribed him to the helpline’s regular audio updates that are sent to his mobile.

The helpline’s services

When faced with a problem, Veeraswami arrived at a solution, thanks to the mobile conferencing option. RF-employed scientists discussed the situation in his field and Veeraswami implemented their advice which enabled him to enjoy rich yields. He says that he now regularly harvests a yield of almost 40 paddy bags which is considerably higher than before.

The foundation also helped him in understanding market behavior and its fluctuations. The helpline assisted him in cultivating crops that would vary across seasons, thereby enabling him to receive better prices for the same.

The helpline also provides him information regarding weather updates, government subsidies, market prices, pest control, and seed treatments. Overall, Veeraswami thanked Reliance Foundation for improving the quality of his life.

Reliance Foundation’s Bharat India Jodo Program

Reliance Foundation, through its Bharat India Jodo (BIJ) program, aims to bridge the developmental gap between the urban and rural societies in India by implementing the use of advanced technology and facilities. The initial project conducted in Gujarat comprised 32 villages spread across the regions of Netarang and Radhanpur.

Founder and Chairperson, Nita Ambani, stated that BIJ is aimed at helping the farming community to have sustainable livelihoods which would result in a transformation of rural India.

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