All About Reliance Nutrition Gardens

Nita Ambani has been part of several big projects throughout her career. The organization is well known for its drive to build an inclusive India and to contribute towards the betterment of the people in the rural and the more impoverished regions of the country. They have pioneered several solutions for the multiple problems that bog down the development of such places leading to an overall positive impact. The primary aim of this organization is to enhance the quality of life of people from areas where not much attention has been given. Providing opportunities to them which can the catalyst to this ultimate goal is what this organization is about. It embodies what Reliance Industries Limited strives to achieve for India.

New Initiative by Reliance Foundation-

The non-profit, which was set up in 2010, has already been involved in several philanthropist activities all across the country. It has taken the help of several technological advances and implemented many innovative strategies to address some of India’s most critical and urgent challenges. One of those has been the Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNGs).

Nita Ambani has maintained that working directly with farmers, fishermen, etc would help understand their problems and more importantly, their needs. To that end, the Foundation has engaged the lot in order to increase availability, affordability and accessibility of food. The goal here is to completely transform around 60,000 hectares of not-so-fertile and relatively unproductive land into fertile and productive lands using several practices of sustainable agriculture. RNGs are merely an extension/implementation of this target.

Reliance Nutrition Gardens-

As a consequence of their aim to improve food and nutrition security, Reliance Foundation has improved and added to the nutritional intake of rural households. This has been done via promotion of small kitchen or backyard gardens. These areas are known as Reliance Nutrition Gardens. They have helped provide the rural folks with a varied mix of vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants on a year long basis.

It is an innovative, fail safe model that meets the dietary requirements of these households. What this program essentially does is provide a balanced diet to these people. Selection of the crops to be cultivated in these RNGs are done keeping in mind the prevailing food habits and the climate of the region where the program is to be implemented. This approach has worked marvelously well, with over 29,000 RNGs being established.

Impact of RNGs-

The RNG model has witnessed remarkable success in all its areas of implementation. For instance, the RNGs have actively helped reverse malnutrition trends in 26 program operational clusters, improving the health of women. While boosting health and immunity, these gardens also save families the expense of buying vegetables.

Furthermore, the RF BIJ (Bharat India Jodo) team has also been sharing its expertise with the Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) and the Rajmata Jijau Mother-Child Health and Nutrition Mission (RJMCHNM) for the promotion of kitchen gardens across rural Maharashtra.

The Foundation’s RNG initiative has been appreciated by various government and non-government organizations on different platforms. In fact, the Government of Maharashtra has picked up the model, aiming to scale it up in several districts of the state. The RF BIJ team is also training government officials who will replicate the model several districts.

Over the period of many years, these programs launched by the Foundation have evolved and tried to solve the many challenging needs of the society. Nita Ambani has been at the centre of all this; trying to maximize their reach and build a strong and long lasting relationship with rural India, whilst improving their life.

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  1. Kudos to Nita Ambani for being a huge part of this and for helping so many of the people from the rural areas. This really is a tremendous initiative by Reliance Foundation. Would love it if we see more of this from other NGOs.

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